Henry Stewart in Balintochich and Druimcaldin

Balintochich and Druimcaldin

Balintochich and Druimcaldin on either side of Loch Tummel

Henry Stewart in Balintochich married Ann Douglas from Logierait parish, 23rd November 1786 (Blair Atholl OPR).

By the following year they had moved to Druimcaldin in the parish of Dull, as this is where their first child was born. She was baptised 17th November 1787 and named Margaret. Their eldest son Alexander was also born at Druimcaldin and baptised 11th May 1790. Cicilia was baptised 1st August 1792, after which the family moved to Lick in the parish of Dull where Peter was born. He was baptised 15th Fabruary 1795.

Henry is an uncommon name for this area and, combined with the fact that the eldest son was named Alexander while the second eldest daughter was called Cicilia, this suggests that Henry was the eldest son of Alexander Stewart and Cicel Stewart in Balchapel of Borenich, born 11th September 1753.

Alexander Stewart in Balchapel of Borenich and Cecil Stewart in Nether Lettoch, Moulin parish, married 5 May 1748 (Blair Atholl OPR).

Druimcaldin was on the south shore of Loch Tummel, nearly opposite the present day Borenich farm and Balintochich. It is not named on the 1st edition of the Ordnance Survey map (1867), but the ruins are marked as two groups with an old limekiln halfway between Lick and Ard Raineach. James Stobie's map of Perthshire (1783) shows the settlement and calls it Druimachaildin.

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