The Family of William Lamont (or McGilliwie) in Bohespic

Tighmore of Bohespic

One of the ruined buildings at Tighmore (Bohespic)

In 1801 James Stobie, the factor for the Atholl estate, divided up the Bohespic lands into a series of smaller farms, one of which was Tighmore. This was first rented in 1802 to Charles Gow for £25, and by 1812 the rent had risen to £40. Charles Gow died in 1816 and his widow passed over the running of the farm to Duncan and John Robertson. These two brothers decided to evict the sub-tenants, an action which was so strongly resisted that by 1817 Captain James Stewart, the estate factor wrote.

I was vary much difficulted how to act with the tenants of Bohespick, having received so little of their rents that if I turned them out there would be nothing, but the little crops they would leave behind, that could be recovered. And after giving all the consideration in my power to the situation, I determined to give them that were of the best characters another year only. By this plan I have got quit of several suspicious persons amongst them and, except in Over Bohespic, have secured the former rents.

William Lamond took over the Tighmore lease in 1818. He had been a tenant since 1802 when he leased the "westmost sett of Over Bohespick, less two acres for widow Robertson". The rent was fixed at £19, but from 1807 until 1808 it was split equally with William's brother Peter.

In 1822 the factor for the Atholl estate described William Lamont (or Lamond) of Tighmore, Bohespic, as "a middling good tenant only", which was probably the closest that one got to praise from the Duke's factor. William had already been a tenant in Bohespic for over 15 years, and was married to Helen (or Ellen) Low, with seven children.

William's wife was the daughter of James Low(e), dyer, and Helen (or Ellen) Douglas. It is claimed that they were married in Edinburgh on 6th December 1767, but this has not been verified. James Low died at Moulinearn, Dowally, aged 45, on 30th October 1795 and was buried in the Logierait churchyard. James Low and Helen Douglas had eight children: four boys and four girls. Helen was their fifth child and was born at Milntown of Tulliemet in the parish of Logierait on 28th July 1780.

The marriage of William Lamond to Helen Low appears in both the Logierait and Blair Atholl OPRs.

Logierait OPR (marriages)

William Lammond in Blair Athole parish and Helen Lowe in this parish registered their names for proclamation of the Banns of marriage, thrice Sunday first. 9th November 1803.

Blair Atholl OPR (marriages)

William McGillavie, Over Bohespic and Helen Low, Bailehnoic (?), parish of Logierate November 14th (1803)

The baptisms of William and Helen's children form a single block in the Appendices to the Blair Atholl OPR. As with many other families at his time, the children were baptised soon after birth, but these events were not recorded in the OPR until much later.

Blair Atholl OPR, (baptisms)

Peter, lawful son to William Lamond and Helen Low was born 12th October 1806 at Bohespic and baptised 30th of same month.

Helen, lawful daughter to the above was born 6th September 1809 and baptised 24th.

James, lawful son to the above parents was born 14th August 1812 and baptised 31st.

Janet, lawful daughter to the above parents was born 3rd December 1814 and baptised 29th.

Donald, lawful son to the above was born 18th December 1817 and baptised 4th January 1818.

Robert, lawful son to the above was born 9th August 1820 and baptised 30th.

Charles, lawful son to the above was born 6th March 1822 and baptised 30th.

The parents of William Lamond are unknown, but the children seemed to be traditionally named with Helen and James being named after Helen Low's parents. If this is correct, then William's parents would have been Peter (or Patrick) McGilliwie and Janet.

The only other clue is the marriage entry of Peter Lamond, which immediately preceeds that of William and Helen.

Blair Atholl OPR (marriages)

Patrick McGilliwie, Over Bohespic and Ann Gow, Blairfetty,8th November 1803.

Only one child from this marriage appears in the Blair Atholl OPR - that of Donald Lamont, born 29th October 1804, but there were others. For more details about this family see - Patrick McGilliwie of Bohespic.

Farming Tighmore was far from easy, as William Lamond explained to the factor.

I suffered in time past with the sub-tenants (of Over Bohespic) much loss by keeping double soums* of cattle and all kinds of beasts, and cutting peats and divits to thig (i.e. thatch) their houses of fourteen families - wild men.

*The common hill pasture was split between the different farms by a system called 'souming' which calculated how many cattle, horses and sheep each farm could expect to keep on the hill pasture during summer. If the ground was over-stocked the cattle and sheep would be in poor condition for selling, and William Lamond's rent was in arrears by by £5 10s.

After only four years in Tighmore the factor was threatening sequestration and describing William Lamond as "a middling good tenant only". He also complained that the boundary fences were not in good order. William Lamond begged that his name be withheld from the sequestration order and promised to pay the outstanding rent by 5th April.

The hill pasture continued to be a problem as shown by this Petition to the Duke of Atholl, written in 1826 by John Robertson in Nether Bohespic, Duncan Stewart in Tighnacoille, Charles and Alexander Robertson in Gaskan and William Lamond in Gaskan (Tighmore).

These families have been tenants there for years but had recently been deprived of the best part of their hill pasture, and left with a barren and infertile middle region without the means of summering or wintering their cattle kept to raise money for rent, their arable being inadequate for the purpose. A year of almost unprecedented drought had left them with little or no provender and they were unable to maintain their livestock. they asked the Duke of Atholl for hay to support their cattle in winter.


(Generation 2) The Family of William Lamond and Helen Low in Bohespic

Name Born Married Date Residence Died
Peter Oct 12 1806 Ann Robertson Dec 29 1860 Tighmore and Trinafour h. Jun 19 1879
w. after 1879
Helen Sep 6 1809 Peter Robertson Dec 30 1832 Kinloch,
w. Jan 20 1866
James Aug 14 1812 . . . d.
Janet Dec 3 1814 John Cameron May 18 1851 Tighmore, Bohespic h. before 1895
w. 5 Jul 1895
Donald Dec 18 1817 Jane Douglas Jun 26 1853 Tighmore, Bohespic h.
Robert Aug 9 1820 . . . d.
Charles Mar 6 1822 Christina Keddie . Ballarat, Victoria,
h. Mar 28 1874
w. June 4 1931

By the time of the 1841 census William's daughter Helen had married Peter Robertson, and the 5-year-old William Robertson is probably their son.

Dwelling Name Age Occupation Birthplace
Tighmore William Lamond 65y farmer Perthshire
Ellen Lamond 60y Perthshire
Peter Lamond 35y Perthshire
Janet Lamond 25y Perthshire
Charles Lamond 20y Perthshire
John Stewart 10y male servant Perthshire
William Robertson 5y Perthshire
Robert Lamond 22y Perthshire

William Lamond died at some time between the 1841 census and 1851 census, and probably was buried in the churchyard at Struan. The 1851 census return is as follows.

Dwelling Name Related Status Age Occupation Birthplace
Bohespic (10) Helen Lamont head widow 70y farmer Blair Atholl
Peter Lamont son u/m 47y employed on farm Blair Atholl
Donald Lamont son u/m 35y employed on farm Blair Atholl
William Robertson grandchild u/m 15y scholar Blair Atholl
Peter Robertson grandchild u/m 7y scholar Blair Atholl
Jane White servant u/m 16y servant Cupar, Fifeshire

On the 26th June 1853 Donald Lamont married Jane Douglas. She was the daughter of Donald Douglas and Catherine Stewart who also farmed at Bohespic. For details of Jane Douglas's ancestry see - The Douglas Family of Borenich.

Helen Low died 7th June 1860 at Tighmore, Bohespic, and was buried in the churchyard at Struan. The death certificate was witnessed by her son Peter. Six months after the death of his mother, Peter was married to Ann Robertson by the Rev. Alexander McInnes, minister at Tummelbridge. She was 36 years old, the daughter of Duncan Robertson, farmer at Balmore Rannoch in the parish of Logierait, and Elizabeth McDonald, deceased.

In the 1861 census, William's two sons Peter and Donald were supporting their own families.

Dwelling Name Related Status Age Occupation Birthplace
Tighmore (19) Peter Lamont head marr 55y farmer of 10 acres Blair Atholl
Ann Lamont wife marr 36y Logierait
Peter Robertson nephew u/m 17y ploughman Blair Atholl
Janet Robertson sister-in-law u/m 23y domestic servant Logierait
Tighmore (20) Donald Lamont head marr 45y crofter of 5 acres Blair Atholl
Jane Lamont wife marr 28y Blair Atholl
William Lamont son u/m 5y scholar Blair Atholl
Catherine Lamont dau u/m 4y Blair Atholl
Donald Lamont son u/m 1y Blair Atholl

Ten years later, in the 1871 census Donald Lamont's family has increased.

Dwelling Name Related Status Age Occupation Birthplace
Tighmore (9) Peter Lamont head marr 66y farmer of 13 acres arable Blair Atholl
Ann Lamont wife marr 46y Rannoch
Betsy Robertson niece u/m 8y scholar Rannoch
Tighmore (10) Donald Lamont head marr 50y farmer of 5 acres ariable Blair Atholl
Jane Lamont wife marr 36y Tenandry
William Lamont son u/m 15y Blair Atholl
Catherine Lamont dau u/m 13y scholar Blair Atholl
Peter Lamont son u/m 9y scholar Blair Atholl
Charles Lamont son u/m 2y Blair Atholl


(Generation 3) The Family of Peter Lamond and Ann Robertson in Tighmore, Bohespic

Name Born Married Date Residence Died
Helen Dec 12 1862 died in infancy . Tighmore d. Oct 21 1864


(Generation 3) The Family of Peter Robertson and Helen Lamond in Kinloch, Fortingall Parish

Fortingall OPR (marriages)

Peter Robertson, Kinloch, in this parish and Helen Lamond, parish of Blair Athole gave in their names for proclamation previous to marriage. 8th December 1832.

Blair Atholl OPR (marriages)

Peter Robertson, Kinloch, parish of Fortingal and Helen Lamont in Bohespic of this parish (married) 30th December 1832.

Helen Lamond, or Robertson, died of pneumonia at Auchtarsin on the 20th January 1866.

None of Peter and Helen's children seem to have recorded baptisms, and their names and estimated birth-dates have been obtained from census returns and family papers.

Name Born Married Date Residence Died
Patrick (Peter) c1834 Catherine Douglass Dec 27 1860 Stewartston h.
William c1836 . . . d.
John c1838 . . . d.
Donald c1839 . . . d.
Robert Mar 1841 . . . d.
Jessie c1845 . . . d.
Helen c1847 . . . d.
James c1848 . 1876 . d. Elgin 1942

On 27th December 1860 Peter Robertson, who was working as the shepherd in Stewartston, married Catherine Douglass, the daughter of James Douglass and Grace Gow of Grennich. She was 24 at the time and was working as a farm servant at Grennich. As her father was dead, the wedding took place at Bohally where her cousin Alexander Douglass was one of the witnesses. She signed herself as Chatrine Douglass.

Their first three children were born in Blair Atholl parish: Peter, 26th September 1861; James, 16th February 1865; and Helen, 6th March 1867. Soon afterwards the family moved northwards to the Kingussie area where their next four children were born: Margaret, 11th February 1869; William, 6th June 1871; David Douglas, 10th April 1873; and John two years later.

By the time of the 1881 census the family were living at Forkins, near the Spittal of Glenshee, in Kirkmichael parish.

Dwelling Name Related Status Age Occupation Birthplace
Forkins Peter Robertson head marr 45y shepherd Rannoch
Catharine Robertson wife marr 47y shepherd's wife Blair Atholl
Helen Robertson dau u/m 14y scholar Blair Atholl
Margaret Robertson dau u/m 12y scholar Kingussie
David D. Robertson son u/m 7y scholar Kingussie
John Robertson son u/m 5y scholar Kingussie

Shepherds tend to move around and by 1891 the census shows that the family were living at Dalriach in Glengarry.

Dwelling Name Related Status Age Occupation Birthplace
Dalriach Peter Robertson head marr 55y shepherd Fortingall
Catharine Robertson wife marr 57y Blair Atholl
Maggie Robertson dau u/m 22y Kingussie
John Robertson son u/m 15y scholar Kingussie
Alexander Duff boarder u/m 27y shepherd Blair Atholl

The family were still living at (West) Dalriach in Glengarry, ten years later.


(Generation 3) The Family of John Cameron and Janet Lamond in Tighmore, Bohespic

Janet Lamond married John Cameron in 1851, but strangely did not give Bohespic as her residence. The reason for this is unclear. Later on the couple returned to live at Tighmore. It seems probable that the 7-year old Peter Robertson in the 1851 census was Janet's son.

As Janet was getting married, he seems to have been taken in by his grandmother Helen Lamond. In 1851 he was working as a ploughman at Tighmore, but then disappears. It would seem that he emigrated to Ballarat, Australia, where his uncle (Charles Lamond) was a sheep dealer. He died 26th September 1869, aged only 26 and was buried in his uncle's plot at Ballarat Old Cemetery. His death certificate gave his parents as Duncan and Janet Robertson, shepherd, Bohespic, Perthshire, and that he had been in Australia for 6 years (see Charles Lamond, below).

Dull OPR (marriages)

John Cameron, ploughman, residing Nether Blairish in the parish of Fortingall and Janet Lamond residing at White Bridge Tollbar in this parish were duly proclaimed in order to marriage in the parish church of Dull and no objection offered. 25th May 1851.

Name Born Married Date Residence Died
Duncan c1852 . . . d. after 1895
Margaret Jan 6 1856 . . . d.


(Generation 3) The Family of Donald Lamond and Jane Douglas in Tighmore, Bohespic

Name Born Married Date Residence Died
William Jun 2 1855 Isabella Gilmour Dec 25 1908 Kilbarchan d.
Catherine Feb 4 1857 . . . d.
Helen Jun 14 1858 died in infancy . Tighmore d. 1860
Donald Mar 23 1860 . . . d.
Peter Jan 9 1862 . . . d.
Margaret Mar 6 1864 Alexander Stewart . Old Bridge of Tilt h. 13 Sep 1939
w. 15 Sep 1937
Jane Aug 9 1866 . . . d.
Charles Sep 18 1868 . . . d.
James Duncan Jul 2 1871 . . . d.


Margaret (Maggie) Lamond at Old Bridge of Tilt

In 1881 Margaret was living at Duntaulich with the family of James McNee who was married to her aunt, Catherine Douglas. When James McNee and his wife both died of consumption, Margaret became guardian of the McNee children and brought them up at Old Bridge of Tilt, as shown in the 1891 census return.

The 1891 census for Old Bridge of Tilt (39).

Name Relation Status Age Occupation Birth-place
Margaret Lamond head u/m 23y guardian Blair Atholl
Catherine S. McNee cousin u/m 15y scholar Blair Atholl
Margret McNee cousin u/m 14y scholar Blair Atholl
James D. McNee cousin u/m 13y scholar Dull
Lizzie Ellen McNee cousin u/m 11y Dull
Christina J. cousin u/m 9y Dull
John cousin u/m 7y Dull
James cousin u/m 5y Dull

Some of the McNee children died of consumption like their parents, but eventually the others were old enough to look after themselves and Margaret Lamond was free to marry.

On the 26th August 1898, at Laidlaw's Temperance Hotel, Leonard Street in Perth, Alexander Stewart, farm grieve and bachelor of 32 years living at Ballinloan, married Maggie Lamond, house-keeper and spinster of 31 years living at Old Bridge of Tilt. His parents were given as Peter Stewart, deceased cattleman and Helen McDonald. Her parents were given as Donald Lamond, deceased road surfaceman and Jane Douglas, also deceased. The ceremony was witnessed by Archibald Stewart and R. Robertson.

They moved from Ivy Cottage in Middlebridge to Lilac Cottage at Old Bridge Of Tilt where they had four children. Maggie died in 1937 and there is a memorial stone to the family in the Blair Atholl parish church-yard.

Helen Jane Stewart's stone

In ever loving remembrance of Helen Jane Stewart who died at Lilac Cottage, Blair Atholl, 13th July 1924 aged 25 years. Also her sister Christina M Stewart who died at Lilac Cottage, Blair Atholl, 20th September 1924 aged 24 years. And of their mother Margaret Lamond who died at Lilac Cottage 15th September 1937 aged 73 years. Also her husband Alexander Stewart who died 13th September 1939 aged 73 years. Also their brother John M. Stewart who died 18th April 1963 aged 57 years. And their brother Peter L. Stewart who died at Lilac Cottage 26th February 1979 aged 76 years.


(Generation 4) The Family of Alexander Stewart and Margaret Lamond at Old Bridge of Tilt

Name Born Married Date Residence Died
Helen Jane 1898 unmarried . Old Bridge of Tilt d. 13 Jul 1924
Christina McNee 1902 unmarried . Old Bridge of Tilt d. 20 Sep 1924
Peter Lamond ~1903 . . . d. 26 Feb 1979
John McNee ~1905 unmarried? . . d. 18 Apr 1963


(Generation 3) The Family of Charles Lamont and Christina Keddie at Ballarat, Victoria, Australia

William's son Charles appears to have been in contact with his cousin William Lamont who had emigrated to Victoria, Australia, in 1841. Charles probably went to Australia as an unassisted immigrant aboard the clipper 'Queen of the Seas' which arrived in September 1854. It is also likely that initially he worked for his cousin William who ran a pub in Geelong from 1852-1855. On December 10, 1855, after William’s bankruptcy was finalized, Charles Lamond advertised for a nightman after taking over the business. (Geelong Advertiser and Intelligencer, December 10, 1855, page 4).

Charles was clearly in tune with his Scottish background as, while living in Ballarat, he participated in the hammer and stone throwing events at the 3rd Buninyong Highland Games. He also showed and judged dogs in the local agricultural shows.

Charles married Christina Keddie in Melbourne in 1861. She was the daughter of John Keddie and Janet Ritchie from Creich, Fife, Scotland and was born 10th July 1844. The family moved around north-east Fife and Christina had brothers and sisters born at Kilmany and Forgan. John Keddie's wife Janet Ritchie died 8th November 1852, and he married Margaret Herd on 1st December 1854 at Brunton, which is close to Creich. It would appear that the whole family emigrated to Australia. John Keddie died at Cardigar, Victoria, on 16th May 1865.

Charles and Christina settled at La Trobe Street, Ballarat, Victoria, where Charles was a sheep-dealer. There is an indignant, but amusing, letter in the Ballarat Star dated Saturday 23rd January 1869.


Sir, — In last Tuesday's issue of the Star, a Charles Lamont was reported to have fallen into the hands of the police at Carngham for rowdyism and assault on one of her Majesty's peaceful subjects, and I have suffered considerable annoyance since by being taunted with the sins of a man who happens to enjoy the same patronymic as myself. Will you have the kindness to allow me, through the columns of your valuable paper, to inform all my friends and the public generally that I am not the Charles Lamont alluded to in News and Notes, last Tuesday, not having been out of Ballarat on Sunday last?
— Yours obediently,

Charles Lamont, Sheep-dealer.
Ballarat, 22nd January (1869).

Charles died in 28th March 1874 and was buried at Ballarat Old Cemetery where there is a memorial stone which reads:

Erected by
in affectionate remembrance
of her beloved husband
Charles Lamont,
native of Blair Athol, Perthshire, Scotland.
died 28th March 1874, aged 48 years.
His nephew
Peter Robertson
died 26th September 1869, aged 23 years.
the beloved daughter of the above
died 5th March 1883, aged 19 years
The above
died 4th June 1931, aged 87 years.

The part of the inscription relating to Charles's nephew Peter Robertson is mentioned above, with the suggestion that he was the son of Janet Lamond, Charles's sister back in Bohespic, Blair Atholl, Perthshire.

The Digger-Pioneer Index (Victoria) 1836-1888 gives Charles's parents as William Lamont and Hellen Low, and confirms his birthplace as Perthshire.

After William's death, Christina lived at 13 Talbot Street, North, with her married son John who was a tailor, and her daughter Helen who was a dress-maker. Her son William was employed as a train driver. He married and lived at 42 Dyte Parade.

His children were:

Name Born Married Date Residence Died
Helen (Ellen) 1864 unmarried . Ballarat d. Mar 5 1883
William 1866 Rosa Jermila .... . Ballarat h. 1 May 1940
w. 19 Nov 1946
John 1870 Jean .... . Ballarat d. Sep 1942
Janet Ritchie 1874 ( ) Mitchell . . d. 1961
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