The Family of Patrick Lamont (or McGilliwie) of Bohespic

Tighmore of Bohespic

One of the ruined buildings at Tighmore (Bohespic)

In 1801 James Stobie, the factor for the Atholl estate, divided up the Bohespic lands into a series of smaller farms, one of which was Tighmore. This was first rented in 1802 to Charles Gow for £25, and by 1812 the rent had risen to £40. Charles Gow died in 1816 and his widow passed over the running of the farm to Duncan and John Robertson. These two brothers decided to evict the sub-tenants, an action which was so strongly resisted that by 1817 Captain James Stewart, the estate factor wrote.

I was very much difficulted how to act with the tenants of Bohespick, having received so little of their rents that if I turned them out there would be nothing, but the little crops they would leave behind, that could be recovered. And after giving all the consideration in my power to the situation, I determined to give them that were of the best characters another year only. By this plan I have got quit of several suspicious persons amongst them and, except in Over Bohespic, have secured the former rents.

William Lamond took over the Tighmore lease in 1818. He had been a tenant farmer since 1802 when he leased the "westmost sett of Over Bohespick, less two acres for widow Robertson". The rent was fixed at £19, but from 1807 until 1808 it was split equally with William's brother Patrick (Peter). More further information about Patrick's brother, see - William McGilliwie of Bohespic.

Patrick Lamond married only a week before his brother William, and the entry in the Blair Atholl OPR immediately preceeds that of William and Helen Low.

Blair Atholl OPR (marriages)

Patrick McGilliwie, Over Bohespic and Ann Gow, Blairfetty, 8th November 1803.

Ann Gow's parents were John Gow, a farmer, and Betsy (or Betrice) Robertson. Ann was born 19th January 1779, and seems to have had three brothers - James, Alexander and John.

The Blair Atholl OPR records the baptism of only one of Patrick and Ann's children - that of Donald Lamont, but death certificates and census returns show that there were other children in the family. The earliest record is the Moulin Parish census of 1820-26 which shows that Conlach was being farmed by two families.

Name Relation Age Occupation
Peter Lamont head 43y farmer
Ann Gow wife 43y
Donald Lamont son 16y
John Lamont son 15y
Alexander Lamont son 13y
James Lamont son 7y
Peter Lamont son 4y
Elizabeth Lamont dau 2y
William Lamont son 3m
Alexander Forbes head 54y farmer
Ann Robertson wife 39y
Elspeth Forbes dau 14y
Malcolm Forbes dau 10y
Isobel Forbes dau 8y
Margaret Forbes dau 6y
Ann Forbes dau 5y
John Forbes dau 2y

Peter's second son was named John, which was the name of his maturnal grandfather, which further suggests that Peter's own father was Donald Lamont or McGilliwie. William Lamont, who emigrated to Australia, thought that he had been born at Bridge of Tilt, but this seems unlikely if he was at Conlach when he was 3 months old.


Generation 1: The Family of Patrick McGilliwie (or Lamont) and Ann Gow of Bohespic and Conlach

Name Born Married Date Residence Died
Donald Oct 29 1804 unmarried Stronchavie
and Conlach
d. 19 Apr 1881
John c1806 Conlach d. after 1822
Alexander c1808 Margaret McDougall Jul 14 1848 Drumchabber,
h. May 13 1887
w. Feb 24 1873
James c1814 Elizabeth Seaton Nov 10 1844 Tirinie h. Jul 26 1892
w. May 17 1867
Peter c1817 Margaret Walker Jan 2 1863 Conlach,
h. Jun 1 1897
w. Mar 26 1895
Betsy c1819 Peter McKenzie 1862 Tom-na-gaoithe
h. Apr 24 1889
w. Jun 11 1896
William c1822 Harriet Crowl,
from Devon, England
Jan 10 1853,
h. Sep 22 1900
w. Sep 1 1916

Patrick Lamont died in the parish of Moulin before the 1841 census, and most probably was buried in Struan churchyard.


Generation 2: Donald Lamont of Conlach, Moulin parish

Donald was the eldest child of Patrick and Ann, and was probably named after Patrick's father as was the custom.

Blair Atholl OPR, 1804 (baptisms)

Donald, lawful son to Peter Lamont and Ann Gow spouses in Over Bohespick, born 29th October and baptised 31st.

Nothing is known about Donald's early life and he cannot be accounted for in the 1841 census. However, by 1851 he was living at Conlach in the parish of Moulin with the rest of the family, and working as a cattle dealer. Soon afterwards he became a farmer and grazier at Stronchavie in the parish of Moulin, but by 1857 his dealings had made him bankrupt, as reported by the Edinburgh Gazette, March 29th 1859.

Donald Lamont lately farmer and grazier at Stronchavie, in the parish of Moulin, now residing at Conlach near Pitlochry having presented a petition to the Sheriff of the County of Perth for discharge of all debts and obligations contracted by him, or by which he was liable at the date of sequestration (25th February 1857), the Sheriff on the 24th March 1859 appointed the petition to be intimated in the Edinburgh Gazette in terms of the statute.

Donald was working on the farm at Conlach in 1861, but once again disappeared during the 1871 census. In 1881 he was back at Conlach, aged 78 years and in poor health, being looked after by Peter's family, and died there the same year.


Generation 2: Alexander Lamont and Margaret McDougall of Drumchabber, Moulin parish

Patrick's son Alexander was born about 1813 in Blair Atholl parish, but there is no record of his baptism. In 1841 he probably was working as an agricultural labourer for Ewan Cameron at Easter Carie, which is on the south shore of Loch Rannoch but is part of Logierait parish.

Dwelling Name Age Occupation Birthplace
Easter Carie Alexander Lamont 25y agricultural labourer Perthshire

On 14th July 1848 he married Margaret McDougall. Although the Moulin OPR just records them as being "both in this parish", he was probably living at Aldgirnaig - now known as the village of Killiecrankie. Their first child, Peter, was born in March 1849 but died the following year.

1851 census shows that Alexander and his family were living at (what appears to be) Ceannabuaist, north of Aldgirnaig (Moulin, district 9).

Dwelling Name Related Status Age Occupation Birthplace
Ceannabuaist? Alexander Lamont head marr 38y gamekeeper Blair Atholl
Margaret Lamont wife marr 33y Moulin
Jessie Lamont dau u/m 3m Moulin

Annie was born about 1855 and Alexander born 8th May 1858 but died 20th February 1867 at Drumchabber.

By 1861 Alexander was working as a gamekeeper at Tombane, between Clunie Cottage and Balmore on the south side of the River Tummel, opposite Pitlochry.

Dwelling Name Related Status Age Occupation Birthplace
Tombane Alexander Lamont head marr 48y gamekeeper Blair Atholl
Margaret Lamont wife marr 42y Moulin
Janet Lamont dau u/m 10y scholar Moulin
William Lamont son u/m 9y scholar Moulin
Ann Lamont dau u/m 6y scholar Moulin
Alexander Lamont son u/m 2y Moulin

By 1881 Alexander was working as a shepherd.

Dwelling Name Related Status Age Occupation Birthplace
Drumchabber Alexander Lamont head widower 70y shepherd Blair Atholl
William Lamont son u/m 27y shepherd Moulin
Annie Lamont dau u/m 24y housekeeper Moulin

Alexander's son Alexander, was probably the 18-years-old boy born in Moulin parish who was working as a farm servant for Donald McGregor at the Balinluig Inn, parish of Logierait.

There is a monument inscription for this family in Struan churchyard.

Memorial to Alexander Lamont of Drumchabber 1874
Alexander Lamond
in memory of his wife
Margaret McDougall
who died at Drumchabber 24th February 1873
aged 55 years.
Also of two sons,
died at Aldgurnaig 12th September 1850
aged 18 months,
died at Drumchabber 20th February 1867
aged 9 years.
The above
Alexander Lamont
died at Chapelton of Cluny 13th May 1887
aged 77 years,
and of their daughter
who died at Pitlochry 27th May 1933
aged 78 years.


Generation 2: James Lamont and Elizabeth Seaton of Tirinie, Glen Fender, Blair Atholl parish

Patrick's son James was born around 1816, but once again there is no mention of his baptisms in the Blair Atholl OPRs. In 1841 he was working on the family farm at Conlach.

Dwelling Name Age Occupation Birthplace
Conlach James Lamont 24y farmer Perthshire
Ann Lamont 60y Perthshire
Peter Lamont 22y Perthshire
Betsy Lamont 20y Perthshire
John Lamont 5y Perthshire
Mary Lamont 3y Perthshire

In 1844 James Lamont in Conlach married Elizabeth Seaton in Monzie. (Blair Atholl OPR, 10th November 1844, and Moulin OPR, 12th November 1844). Elizabeth, the daughter of James Seaton and Helen (Nelly) Reid, was born 28th June 1819. She had two brothers, Archibald and John, as well as a younger sister named Vere.

For the first few years of married life James Lamont and Elizabeth Seaton lived at Conlach, next to James's mother, as shown by the 1851 census.

Dwelling Name Related Status Age Occupation Birthplace
Conlach (21) James Lamont head marr 35y farm servant Blair Atholl
Elisabeth Lamont wife marr 30y Moulin
Peter Lamont son u/m 3y Moulin
Helen Lamont dau u/m 2y Moulin
James Lamont son u/m 8m Moulin

By 1861 James Lamont had become a tenant farmer at Tirinie.

Dwelling Name Related Status Age Occupation Birthplace
Tirinie James Lamont head marr 45y farmer of 20 acres Blair Atholl
Elizabeth Lamont wife marr 38y Moulin
Peter Lamont son u/m 14y scholar Blair Atholl
Helen Lamont dau u/m 12y scholar Blair Atholl
James Lamont son u/m 10y scholar Blair Atholl
Donald Lamont son u/m 8y scholar Blair Atholl
William Lamont son u/m 6y Blair Atholl
Archibald Lamont son u/m 4y Blair Atholl

Elzabeth Seaton died in 1867, leaving James with a family of six and a farm to manage. As the eldest son, Peter might have been expected to farm Tirinie with his father, but by the time of the 1871 census Peter had gone into service at Blair Castle. Donald, aged 18, had also left Tirinie and was working as a ploughman for his uncle Peter Lamont at Conlach (Lineconlach).

Dwelling Name Related Status Age Occupation Birthplace
Tirinie James Lamont head widower 54y farmer of 20 acres Blair Atholl
Helen Lamont dau u/m 22y Blair Atholl
James Lamont son u/m 21y Blair Atholl
Donald Lamont son u/m 8y scholar Blair Atholl
William Lamont son u/m 15y scholar Blair Atholl
Archibald Lamont son u/m 12y scholar Blair Atholl

By the time of the 1881 census Helen had married William MacAra and Donald had married Catherine Dow and was living at Fealar. James was farming Tirinie with his father, but was visiting his newly married brother at Fealar on census day.

Dwelling Name Related Status Age Occupation Birthplace
Tirinie James Lamont head widower 64y farmer of 20 acres Blair Atholl
Helen McAra dau marr 30y Blair Atholl
Isabella Duff servant u/m 32y Crammond, Edinburgh

The 1891 census took place a year before James Lamont died at Tirinie.

Dwelling Name Related Status Age Occupation Birthplace
Tirinie (14) James Lamont head widower 76y farmer Blair Atholl
James Lamont son u/m 39y Blair Atholl
Duncan McKenzie servant u/m 15y farm servant Blair Atholl
Catherine McInnes servant u/m 33y house keeper Portree, Inverness-shire

James Lamont died in 1892 and there is a memorial stone to him and some of his family in Struan churchyard.

Memorial to James Lamont of Tirinie 1869
Erected by
James Lamond
in memory of his wife
Elizabeth Seaton
who died at Tirinie, 17th May 1867
aged 45 years.
Also of Peter his son
who died at Old Blair, 22nd April 1876
aged 29 years,
and of his son Archibald
who died in London 18th May 1890
aged 32 years.
The above
James Lamond
died at Tirinie 26th July 1892
aged 77 years.


The Family of James Lamont and Elizabeth Seaton of Conlach in Glengirnaig and Tirinie, Glen Fender

Name Born Married Date Residence Died
Peter Apr 7 1847 Helen Golightly Dec 22 1871 Blair Castle h. Apr 22 1876
w. after 1900
Helen (Ellen) 1849 William MacAra Feb 10 1881 West Lodge h. Apr 4 1923
w. Sep 16 1933
James Jul 2 1850 unmarried Kincraigie d. Jan 31 1928
Donald Jun 2 1852 Catherine Dow Jan 21 1881 Fealar h. Oct 26 1924
w. Mar 7 1919
William Aug 17 1854 Elizabeth Campbell 1894 Trinafour h. Jan 31 1922
w. Apr 7 1930
Archibald Apr 5 1857 unmarried London d. May 18 1892


Generation 3: The Family of Peter Lamont and Helen Golightly of Blair Castle

James Lamond's son Peter was an under-butler at Blair Castle where he met Helen Golightly, the daughter of George Golightly, farm servant, and Mary Clark. They married on 22nd December 1871 when he was 24 years old, and she was 23. For some unknown reason the wedding took place at Thurston Mains, Innerwick, in the County of Haddington. Peter died unexpectedly at Blair Castle on 22nd April 1876. As he died intestate, leaving no will, his widow had to lodge a claim to his wordly goods (Perth Sheriff Court, 21st October 1876). Helen Golightly, or Lamont, remarried and her new husband, John Munro, acted as step-father to Peter's daughter Mary until Mary died in 1900.


Generation 3: The Family of William MacAra and Helen Lamont of West Lodge, Blair Atholl

James's daughter Helen married William MacAra on 10th February 1881. He was the son of Charles MacAra and Elizabeth Stewart of Kincraigie.

The members of this family are buried in the churchyard of Blair Atholl parish church.

Memorial to William MacAra and Helen Lamont Sacred
the memory of
William MacAra
who passed away at West Lodge,
4th April 1923 aged 78 years
and of his wife
Helen Lamont
who passed away 16th September 1933
aged 82 years,
and of their daughter
who died at the Front Lodge,
14th September 1948
and Grace
died 8th July 1960
and Helen MacAra Fraser
died 5th January 1975.
Aig fois

(Containers at sides - left side Nellie, right side Jessie).


Generation 3: James Lamont, farmer at Kincraigie

In 1881 James was visiting his brother Donald in Fealer, although he would have been farming with his father in Tirinie, as he was in 1891.

Memorial to James Lamont of Kincraigie In memory of
James Lamont,
farmer Kincraigie,
who died 31st January 1928
aged 77 years
and of his neice
Mary Lamont
who died at Dunalastair,
23rd March 1899 aged 21 years,
daughter of the late
Peter Lamont, Blair Atholl.

The inscription is slightly in error, as Mary Lamont's death certificate states that she died at Dunalastair House, Rannoch, where she was an unmarried housemaid, on 20th March 1900, aged 23 years. Her father was Peter Lamont, the under-butler at Blair Castle.


Generation 3: The Family of Donald Lamont and Catherine Dow of Fealar, Glen Tilt

Donald Lamont married Catherine Dow on the 21st January 1881. She was the 21 year-old daughter of Charles Dow, wood forester at Bruar, and Margaret Scott. The 1881 census for Fealar shows Donald Lamont and Catherine Dow soon after they had married.

Fealar Donald Lamont head marr 28y farmer Glengirnaig
Catherine Lamont wife marr 21y Blair Atholl
Alexander Campbell boarder u/m 19y gamekeeper Glen Bruar
James Lamont* visitor u/m 29y farmer's son Glengirnaig

* James Lamont was, most probably, Donald's older brother.

In the 1891 census Donald's wife Catherine probably was looking after their six children in Blair Atholl

Dwelling Name Related Status Age Occupation Birthplace
Fealar (8) Donald Lamont head marr 38y game-keeper Moulin
John McPherson servant u/m 63y postman Killin
Angus Gow servant u/m 19y Blair Atholl

There is a memorial to Donald Lamont's family in Struan churchyard.

Memorial to Donald Lamond Erected by
Donald Lamond
in loving memory of his wife
Catherine Dow
who died 7th March 1919 aged 59,
and of their son
Charles Dow
who died at Sydney, N.S.W.
18th April 1911 aged 24 years.
The above
Donald Lamont
died 26th October 1924 aged 72 years.
James born 1881 died 1960,
Margaret born 1883 died 1976,
Elizabeth born 1885 died 1967,
Charles born 1887 died 1911,
Donald born 1889 died 1975,
Jardine born 1890 died 1981,
Helen born 1892 died 1963,
Betsy born 1894 died 1967,
Marion born 1898 died 1963,
Archibald born 1901 died 1992,
Wilamina born 1905 died 1986.
Elizabeth Todd born 1913 died 1995,
beloved wife of the above Archibald.


Generation 3: The Family of William Lamont and Elizabeth Campbell of Trinafour

In the 1891 census William was living on his own at Trinafour.

Dwelling Name Related Status Age Occupation Birthplace
Trinafour (17) William Lamont head u/m 35y game-keeper Blair Atholl
Memorial to William Lamont of Trinafour In
loving memory of
William Lamont,
gamekeeper for 36 years
at Trinafour, Auchleeks,
who passed away suddenly
31st January 1922 aged 67 years,
also his wife
Elizabeth Campbell
who passed away suddenly
7th April 1930 aged 65 years.
Jessie Ann Lamont
their daughter,
beloved wife of Donald M. Stewart,
Holmlea, Pitlochry,
died 5th October 1960 aged 63 years,
James C. Lamont
died 18th December 1985,
beloved husband of Annie McIntyre.
Thy will be done
(on base)
The above
Annie K. McIntyre
died 16th November 1988.


Generation 2: Peter Lamont and Margaret Walker of Conlach in Moulin parish

Patrick's son Peter was born about 1819 and was working on the family farm in 1851.

Conlach (22) Ann Lamont head widow 71y farmer of 14 acres Blair Atholl
Donald Lamont son u/m 45y cattle dealer Blair Atholl
Betsy Lamont dau u/m 31y employed on farm Moulin
Peter Lamont son u/m 33y employed on farm Blair Atholl
John Lamont nephew u/m 14y herd boy Moulin
Mary Lamont neice u/m 12y scholar Kirkmichael

The identities of John and Mary Lamont have not been elucidated. As they were born in the parishes of Moulin and Kirkmichael, they cannot be the children of Patrick's brother, William Lamond of Bohespic, indicating that there was a third brother of whom we have no knowledge.

Ann Gow died 4th December 1860 at Lyneconlach, Glen Girnaig, aged 81 years and was buried at Struan churchyard. The death certificate was witnessed by her son Peter Lamont who was joint tenant of the farm. In her will she set out the way in which she wanted things to be settled after her death.

First - I appoint my son Peter to be my sole and only executor and I require that he see that all my just and lawful debts and funeral charges be paid.

Second - I appoint that my aforesaid son Peter shall be sole heir to all my moveables and that he shall be so to the exclusion of my other children, as also any other property which may lawfully belong to me at the period of my decease shall fall to him, but I require that he shall hand over to my daughter Betty, should she survive me, all my wearing apparel, two pairs of bed sheets, two pairs of blankets, a bed cover and a bedstead, should it appear that such things shall fall to him as my heir.

Third - I will and request that my daughter Betty shall receive a sum of thirty pounds stirling to be paid within six months after my death, and if my other children will consent to it, it is my desire that these thirty pounds stirling be paid out of the residue of property that may exist after my son Peter has received the property to which I had a just and lawful title. But should they refuse their assent to this, then the whole moveable property (not affected by me as widow of Peter Lamont and therefore not open to be disposed of by Will by me), belonging to me and my deceased husband, following the natural course of law in connection with succession to moveables, will fall to be equally divided among all the nearest of kin. If after this division is made, the share to each heir be less in value than thirty pounds sterling, then and in that case I require my son Peter whom I declare to be sole heir to all the property which I have the power of bequeathing or willing away, to make up whatever deficiency there may be to my daughter Betty so that she may have legacy of thirty pounds stirling exclusive of legacy duty and all other charges. And this I require him to do out of my property to which I have made him by these pretents the sole heir, and while I do so, it is not my will that he should be excluded from ranking along with the rest of the family for a share of the property which may fall to be divided among them.

And finally - it is my will that should my son fail to implement the conditions or comply with the request contained in this my last will and testament then, in that case, my daughter Betty shall take his place therein and she shall be entitled to every privilege and benefit to which Peter her brother would have been entitled under the Will. And Peter shall rank only for a share in the common division of the property and the portion of the Will bequeathing thirty pounds stirling to Betty shall in this case be of now effect. And further, should my son Peter predecease me then, and in that instance, I also will that my daughter Betty should be sole executor and sole heir in the same way in which my son Peter was to do had he survived me or implemented the conditions or complied with the requests contained in this my last Will and Testament.

The inventory of her personal estate valued her household furniture at £12. 1s. 4d., and valued her implements of husbandry, including stock, crops and effects at £77. 6s. 6d. The latter was halved as she was joint tenant in Conlach with her son Peter. This gave a total sum of £50. 14s. 7d.

The 1861 census for Conlach shows that the family had increased the size of the arable land by 4 acres.

Dwelling Name Related Status Age Occupation Birthplace
Lyneconlach Peter Lamont head u/m 43y farmer of 19 acres employing 1 man Blair Atholl
Donald Lamont brother u/m 53y cattle dealer Blair Atholl
Betsy Lamont sister u/m 38y domestic servant Moulin
John McLeish servant u/m 18y ploughman Little Dunkeld
Mary Lamont neice u/m 18y domestic servant Kirkmichael
Jane Stewart servant u/m 12y domestic servant Blair Atholl

In 1861 their nephew John Lamont was a lodger to James Menzies in a single windowed dwelling at Aldgirnaig, and working as a rabbit catcher. His whereabouts after this date are unknown.

On 2nd January 1863 Peter Lamont married Margaret Walker. The ceremony was carried out at Frenich, Foss, where Margaret was working as a domestic servant, by the Rev. Alexander McInnes. The marriage was registered twice, firstly at Foss and again at Tenandry. Margaret was 30 years old, the daughter of William Walker, farmer, deceased, and Jane Lothian. Peter's brother Donald was one of the witnesses, the other was Robert Gow.

By the time of the 1871 census Peter and Margaret had three children.

Dwelling Name Related Status Age Occupation Birthplace
Lineconlach Peter Lamont head marr 52y farmer Blair Atholl
Margaret Lamont wife marr 37y Dull
Annie Lamont dau u/m 4y Moulin
William Lamont son u/m 3y Moulin
Peter Lamont son u/m 11m Moulin
Donald Lamont servant u/m 18y ploughman Moulin
Robert Stewart lodger u/m 34y hillman (?) Blair Atholl
Marry Lamont neice u/m 34y Kirkmichael

Donald Lamont the ploughman was Peter's nephew, the son of James Lamont and Elizabeth Seaton.

The 1881 census shows that Mary Lamont had left Conlach, having lived there for most of her life. Her whereabouts are unknown - perhaps she had married, emigrated or possibly died.

Dwelling Name Related Status Age Occupation Birthplace
Lyneconlach Peter Lamont head marr 63y farmer of 18 acres Blair Atholl
Margaret Lamont wife marr 46y Dull
Annie Lamont dau u/m 16y Moulin
William Lamont son u/m 13y Moulin
Peter Lamont son u/m 10y Moulin
Donald Lamont brother u/m 78y Moulin

Peter Lamont died at Conlach in 1897 and was buried in the churchyard at Struan, where there is a monument to his family.

Memorial to Peter Lamont of Conlach In loving memory of
Peter Lamont
who died at Conlach, 1st June 1897
aged 70 years,
Margaret Walker
his wife
who died at Conlach 26th March 1895
aged 63 years,
and of their daughter
Ann Lamont,
widow of James Bathgate,
who died 20th June 1941
aged 76 years.


The Family of Peter Lamont and Margaret Walker of Conlach, Glen Girnaig, Parish of Moulin

Name Born Married Date Residence Died
Annie Feb 28 1865 James Bathgate 1910 h. before 1941
w. Jun 20 1941
William Aug 25 1867 . . . d.
Peter Apr 23 1870 . . . d.


Generation 2: Peter MacKenzie and Betsy Lamont of Tomnaguie, Glen Fender, Blair Atholl parish

When Ann Gow drew up her Last Will and Testament she insisted that her only daughter, Betsy, should receive thirty pounds stirling. This was a large sum of money and guaranteed her some independence. In 1862 Betsy married Peter McKenzie.

1871 census for Tom-na-gaoithe

Dwelling Name Related Status Age Occupation Birthplace
Tomnaguie Peter McKenzie head marr 55y farmer of 11 acres Blair Atholl
Betsy McKenzie wife marr 41y Blair Atholl
Eliza McKenzie sister u/m 41y Blair Atholl
May McKenzie servant u/m 14y ag. labourer Kingussie

1881 census for Tom-na-gaoithe

Dwelling Name Related Status Age Occupation Birthplace
Tom-na-gaoithe Peter McKenzie head marr 67y farmer of 20 acres Moulin
Betsy McKenzie
wife marr 60y Tenandry
Isabella McLachlan servant u/m 16y Blair Atholl

* 'Lawson' is probably a mistake for 'Lamont'.

Peter died in 1889 and was buried at Old Blair (St Bride's) churchyard with the rest of the McKenzies.

Peter McKenzies's Stone To the memory of
Peter MacKenzie
son of Wm. MacKenzie, Ruidh-nan-coillach
for many years
tenant of Tom-na-gaoith
who died at Alltclune 24th April 1889
aged 77 years

This stone was placed by
his sorrowing wife
Betsy Lamont

Betsy died on the 11th June 1896 at Fender Bridge.


Generation 2: William Lamont and Harriot Crowl of Victoria, Australia

William Lamont claimed that he had been born at Bridge of Tilt around 1822, but it is more likely that he was born at Lyneconlach (Conlach) in Glen Girnaig as he was three months old when the Moulin census of 1820-26 was carried out.

William is said to have been 18 years old he emigrated to Australia, as a single man, on the bounty migration scheme. He left from Greenock 29th March 1841 on the 'William Abrams' and arrived in Melbourne on 26th July 1841. The passenger list describes him as a 'farm servant'.

By 1848 William was working as a shepherd for a fellow Scotsman, Donald McLarty, near Rokewood. (Geelong Advertiser Dec. 23, 1848 p2) From April 1852 to 1855 William Lamont was the licensee of the "Stag and Hounds" hotel, Moorabool Street, Geelong. This was during the Victorian Gold Rush and Geelong’s port was bustling as it was the closest to the Ballarat diggings.

William married sixteen-year-old Harriet Crowl, from Tavistock, Devonshire, England, on January 10, 1853. Harriet gave birth to 18 children of whom 14 survived to adulthood. During the Gold Rush boom William speculated on land and had mortgages on three residential properties in Geelong and a farm at Sutherland Creek. Unfortunately he could not meet the payments and was declared bankrupt in August 1855. He lost all but the Sutherland Creek farm where he lived for several years before moving to Clarendon from around 1859 and then onto Gordons where he selected 19 acres of land in June 1865.

With ten surviving children, and more to come, 19 acres was insufficient to support the family so William selected 320 acres of land in Torrumburry near the Murray River. (Victorian Land Correspondence File). His eldest son Athol also selected 320 acres nearby. William’s property was called White Field Farm where he raised sheep and cultivated wheat. He had discharged his mortgage by 1894.

William died in 1900 and was buried in Patho Cemetery. In 1907 his wife Harriet sailed to Western Australia along with her son Tom and his family and her daughters Ida and Ann. Three of her sons had been living there since the early 1900s. Harriet died in Tambellup, Western Australia in 1916.

The Family of William Lamont and Harriot Crowl of Echuca, Victoria, Australia

Name Born Married Date Residence Died
Elizabeth Ann Oct 16 1853 died in infancy . Geelong, Victoria d. 17 Oct 1854
Athole Alexander Gow 21 Nov 1854 unmarried . Gnowangerup, W.A. d. 31 Mar 1933
William 12 Feb 1857 Eliza Cameron 1890 Mitcham, Victoria h. 22 Sep 1927
Richard 5 Apr 1858 died in infancy . Sutherland's Creek,
d. 26 Apr 1858
Harriet 13 Apr 1859 died in infancy . Claredon, Victoria d. 11 Mar 1860
Ann 21 Dec 1860 . . Gnowangerup, W.A. d. 8 Sep 1942
James Sinclair 20 Feb 1862 . . Geelong, Victoria d. 4 Mar 1939
Peter 25 Sep 1864 . . Wandai,
d. 3 Jun 1946
Christina 13 Aug 1866 . . Geelong, Victoria d. 16 Jul 1942
Donald 16 Oct 1868 Jessie Mary Ann Anderson Mar 9 1898 Geelong, Victoria h. 29 Nov 1937
w. 10 May 1927
Robert Kinder 16 Oct 1868 Mary Elisabeth ..... . Blackburn, Victoria h. 10 Oct 1955
John 9 Dec 1871 . . Albany, W.A. d. 27 Oct 1938
Rowland 3 Sep 1872 . . Torrumbarry, Victoria d. 3 Sep 1895
Norman Thomas
1 Oct 1874 Jane Hughes . Forrest,
Ongerup, W.A.
d. 22 Oct 1965
Ida Mary Marion 14 Jul 1876 Percy Tomkinson ~1912 Perth, W.A. h.
w. 6 Dec 1959
George Duncan 22 Nov 1878 Mary Owens 1904 Wellington,
New Zealand
h. 4 Jun 1941
Neil 24 Nov 1880 Mabel Gertrude Woodley 1906 Midland, W.A. h. 11 Jul 1971
w. 25 Oct 1968
Eliza 6 Jun 1882 died in infancy . Torrumbarry, Victoria d. 7 Jun 1882
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